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Carolina Sánchez Agostini

Carolina Sánchez Agostini

Research psychologist, Director of Integral Sexual Education Studies
Universidad Austral and the Educational Consultant ESIDATA.

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Carolina Sánchez Agostini is Argentine, Psychologist from the Catholic University of Cuyo (Honours Diploma) and Master in Family from the University of Navarra (Spain), for which she received the Santander-Spain scholarship. She is currently doing her PhD thesis in Psychology and Education at the University of Navarra (she received the Fundación Carolina-Spain scholarship) and her research project is linked to adolescent lifestyles linked to sexuality and relationships, and the differentiation process. At the Austral University (Argentina) she is a researcher and professor in Psychology, in the Master's Degree in Management of Educational Institutions, she is in charge of the Intervention with Women chair of the Master's in Vulnerability. She is the academic director of the Diploma in Comprehensive Sex Education and the Seminar on the Protection of Minors at the same University. She has published a Comprehensive Sex Education manual called “Debates on sexuality” (Ediciones Logos, 2020), for secondary school, which presents a methodology for sex education classes on sensitive topics. Motivated by a social commitment, she has been a volunteer in various Argentine organizations with an impact on education, children and young people and regularly collaborates with the media on issues of sex education and relationships. She has carried out various complementary training courses online: Public discourse management seminar (Austral University), Quality education for all: Equity, inclusion and attention to diversity (Autonomous University of Madrid), Effective psychological strategies for disorders associated with deregulation and the deficit in impulse control (Institute of Cognitive Neurology INECO), Introduction to Family Engagement in Education (Harvard University). She works with various educational institutions in Latin America and Spain on issues of sexuality, sex education and relationships. Languages: Spanish, English and German.