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Carlos Chiclana

Carlos Chiclana

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
Medical Director Consultation Dr. Carlos Chiclana

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Doctor. Psychiatrist. Doctor of Medicine (Neurosciences). Medical Director of the Dr. Carlos Chiclana Clinic (Madrid - Seville) where he directs a multidisciplinary team. Psychotherapist accredited by the Spanish School of Psychotherapy. President of the Association of Cognitive Analytical Psychotherapy of Spain. Professor at the San Pablo CEU University of Madrid, where he also belongs to the Institute for the Study of Addictions. Member of the World Association for Sexual Health and the Spanish Association of Sexuality and Mental Health. Associate editor and coordinator of the sexology section of the scientific journal "Psicosomática y psiquiatría". Founder of the NGO Necesito Terapia. Regular writer and lecturer. Head of the section "Personajes y Personas" of the film magazine FilaSiete. Author of the informative books "Atrapados en el sexo", "Identidad personal: disfruta del baile", "Cuéntame más y déjame que te cuente. Learn about sexuality with your children", "Tiempo de fuertes, tiempo de valientes" and "Saber más de sexualidad".

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